Caner vs. White Debate Heats Up

The blogosphere is all abuzz over the upcoming theological debate between Ergun “Pit Bull of Evangelicalism” Caner and James “St. Bernard” White.The hopes of dozens rest on these two champions and their side-kicks. If anyone can settle the centuries old debate over predestination and free will, it is these two paragons of humility.

Nephos has just obtained exclusive footage from the first promotional interview for this historic confrontation, and would do no less than share a clip of it with you.

Are too!

Are not!


Ok…ok…come on guys, why can’t we all just get along?

He started it!

Did not!

Did too!



Pooh-pooh head!


I know you are. But what am I?

Which one of you is which?

Well, there you have it folks. A small sample of what we have to look forward to as the debate draws closer. Don’t forget to bring your dictionary and a Systematic Theology to the debate.On a side note, afterwards, both men laid aside their equally considerable egos to announce themselves the winner of the upcoming debate.In related news:
The location for the upcoming tag-team death match featuring John MacArthur and Phil Johnson vs. the owners of the controversial BaptistFire website remains as yet undisclosed. Derick Dickens has promised to announce it just as soon as he locates the body of Jimmy Hoffa.

Format inspired by WuzzaDem


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