It’s Not Enough To Know

I read this over the weekend in C.J. Mahaney’s Humility: True Greatness. If you haven’t read this book, it’s a must read. It’s an easy read that’s not easy to read.

“Here’s a scary thought: It’s possible to admire humility while remaining proud ourselves. I’m very aware that it’s possible for me even now to be teaching on humility while neglecting pride in my own heart. And at this moment you may be deceiving yourself into thinking that you are making progress against pride simply because you are reading a book about humility. (Though I hope that’s not true!)

“Merely being inspired by the promise of humility or the meaning of true greatness is not sufficient; nor is it enough to also be educated about the perils of pride. If there’s ever to be meaningful transformation in our lives, if we are to make progress in restraining pride and manifesting humility, there must be the purposeful application of truth — an effort and pursuit on our part that God will use for sanctifying transformation in our lives.”


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