Wednesday Prayer (3)

Here’s another challenge concerning prayer from J.R. Mott. It comes from “Kneeling We Triumph – 2” by E.F. and L. Harvey, in a section titled “The Perils of a Busy Man“.

“Each man must fight for his prayer life. The more sacred and potential a spiritual practice or observation is, the more do our spiritual enemies seek to rob it of reality and make of it a mere form. Prayer, that is, actual communion with the Living God, is, or should be, the greatest reality judged by effects in us and through us. And yet, have you not at times found yourself on your knees nominally in the act of prayer and yet not conscious of the words you were uttering, still less of the Being to Whom you should be addressing your words? This is not prayer but formality, the great enemey of prayer. David was able to say, ‘I give myself unto prayer.’ We have not simply his tongue but his consciousness, his whole attention, his personality, himself, unto this unutterably important spiritual exercise.”

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