It’s for My Good and for His Glory!

Whatever is for God’s glory is for my good. I’ve often spoken those words to our church, but this past Sunday morning that truth was demonstrated to us through the music and testimony of Joey and Robbin Maples.

Joey, Robbin and their three precious children live near Dunn, N.C. where they attend Central Baptist Church. I had the privilege to meet them while preaching for my friend, Pastor Tom Wagoner. After hearing their testimony and music, I knew they would be a blessing to our church.

This past December, they lost their two-year-old son, Luke, to cystic fibrosis. Every Christian should hear their testimony of how God used Luke’s life, illness, and death to transform them. Their song “It’s for My Good and for His Glory”, is an overwhelming testament of God’s grace. Any congregation would be blessed and challenged by their music and witness.

Take the time to visit their website and read how God continues to work in their lives as they share their testimony around the country. While you’re there, why not leave a note in their guestbook to let them know you heard about them here and are praying for them?

The Maples Family Website


2 thoughts on “It’s for My Good and for His Glory!

  1. Wow! I was stunned to read this story. My 26 year old daughter passed away from Cystic Fibrosis on July 23rd 2010. I had heard part of this song on the car radio several weeks previous to her death. As soon as I began to plan for her funeral service the message of that song that I had only heard 1 time kept coming back to me. I remembered enough of the words to google it and find it. Me remembering anything at time was nothing short of a miracle. My pastor found the music and sang the song for the funeral. The lyrics were perfect for our situation. We had come to accept after years and years of her suffering that there just had to be something bigger going on thru all this. Thru her sickness we were all drawn to a closer relationship with Christ Jesus and wanted his will above anything else. I plan to go check out the Maple family website. Thanks for sharing!

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