A Baseball Top Ten (with apologies to David Letterman)

Here’s the top 10 indications that the playoffs have taken you back to childhood:

#10 – You’re wife finds your baseball glove underneath your pillow.

#9 – Whenever the Mets are at bat, you hang on your storm door and chant “batter, batter” at the T.V.

#8 – You don’t know who to cheer for because the Braves aren’t in the playoffs.

#7 – You buy a pack of Topps just for the gum.

#6 – You stand up and stretch during the second point of the pastor’s sermon.

#5 – You sing “Na na na na na nyah,” ever time you see George Steinbrenner on Sports Center.

#4 – You have an insatiable craving for Cracker Jacks.

#3 – You’re recliner is surrounded by sunflower shells.

#2 – You wear stirrup socks to work.

and the number one indication you’re acting juvenile over baseball…

#1 – You find yourself snickering every time the commentator says “Pujoles.”


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