I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Before you blog that rumor….

If you’re like me and get a little fed up with the venemous exchanges on some blogs, you’ll appreciate this article by Kelly Boggs of Baptist Press. It’s a shame that “Christians” have not had more of a “salt” effect on the blogosphere. Here’s a sample of the author’s advice:

— “Gossip needn’t be false to be evil -– there is a lot of truth that shouldn’t be passed around,” someone has observed. No matter how noble the blogger/e-mailer seems to be, it is wise to consider that there could be an underlying negative motivation for the information.

— Remember, an expert gossiper knows just how much to leave out of his or her communication. What is the blogger/e-mailer not telling you?

— “Vilify, vilify, some of it will always stick,” French playwright Pierre De Beaumarchais once said. British physician Thomas Fuller once observed, “Even doubtful accusations leave a stain behind them.” Character assassins, whether they attack with a blog or via e-mail, know the aforementioned all too well.


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