Back in the News

A good news story never really goes away. Here’s two examples that I’ve posted on in the past:

Islam Proves Peaceful Yet Again
Afghan kidnappers demand convert swap

The kidnappers of an Italian photojournalist are willing to release him . . . in exchange for Abdul Rahman. How benevolent of them! This should silence those intolerant critics.

HT – The Point

The Best Possible Outcome

Baptist Press has reported on the cancellation of the much-anticipated “Baptist – Calvinism” debate here. This is some fair and balanced journalism. Along with yesterday’s post, BP has at least two outstanding writers. (jk, Tim.)

Commenting on my post
“Caner vs. White Debate Heats Up” I said:

“I predict they will continue to throw the red meat to their ‘constituents’, argue in circles over semantics, and in the end, accomplish nothing. I am praying to be proven wrong.”

I wasn’t totally right, but in the end, nothing beneficial was accomplished. I know. Call me a cynic, but with huge egg-shaped (ahem) egos at stake, it was inevitable. It’s not that I’m adverse to controversy, argument, or even passionate involvement in either. (Just ask my family!) It’s when it is pointless, I object.

The discussion over Calvinism is a legitimate one. However, this particular debate was destined, in my humble opinion, to stir controversy rather than settle anything. That’s why I believe this is the best possible outcome.

The acrimony and mud-slinging will doubtless continue in various blogs. In fact, there is a current brouhaha over some comments by Mr. Caner. But at least it has not been given a national stage this meeting would have given it. Perhaps in the future, under more civilized circumstances, a truly profitable discussion will take place.


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