A Nephos First – The Coffee Review

(This is my first “review post” of any kind, so hang with me a moment.)

When I’m not drinking high dollar coffee, I’ve always been a Folger’s kind of guy. That’s why I was pretty excited when the “Folgers people” asked me to try some samples of their Gourmet Selections line of coffees. After all, who doesn’t appreciate some free coffee?

I was curious to see how these “selections” would compare to regular Folgers. Would this coffee be worth the increase in price? or would I keep paying for the less expensive “regular”?

After trying a couple of different styles (Morning Cafe & Lively Colombian), I think they’ve done well. The flavor of the coffee is obviously superior to their cheaper regular brand, but the price is less than your more expensive brands.

At about $5 a bag, this coffee is only slightly more expensive than one cup at a coffee house. Throw in the $15 dollars of gas it takes me to get to the nearest Starbucks and you’ve got enough quality home brewed coffee to last several weeks.

The “Morning Cafe” is a lighter coffee and is quickly becoming one of my favorites. For a stronger flavor and a little more kick, the Lively Colombian is the thing. I’ve not yet tried some of their whole bean coffees, but I have purchased a small grinder to do so soon. (Any advice on grinding coffee?)

You can check the various selections out here.


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