Memo Links Bush to Weather Patterns

Unnamed sources within the administration have confirmed a FEMA memo leaked last week which linked President Bush to an unexpected decline in tropical storm systems this season. The document contained statements detailing the president’s intent to decrease the number of hurricanes this season in order to minimize the damage of previous years.

While residents of states most frequently devastated by hurricanes were grateful to the president, Democratic congressional leaders were quick to make a connection between the decrease in storm activity and an election year.

“This was clearly a ploy by administration to try and boost the lagging poll numbers of Republican candidates,” said Democratic Party Chairman, Howard Dean. “You can certainly expect that, with no major elections next year, hurricane season will be as severe as previously expected.”

Nancy Pelosi, recently elected Speaker of the House agreed. “This is partisan politics at its worst. Fortunately, American people were not fooled by the political manipulations of the President and his corporate cronies. It is behavior like this that will make it impossible for Congress to work with this administration.”

Further statements in the memo revealed that the plan originated with presidential adviser Karl Rove.


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