Blogroll Additions

One of the things you might notice about my recent move is some new names on my blogroll.  These are some sites I have been visiting and enjoying for some time. I hope you are blessed/edified/encouraged by them as I have been.

Juxtaposition: Theology and Ministry

The Rambling Prophet

Pastor Steve Weaver


Theological Musings


3 thoughts on “Blogroll Additions

  1. Thanks for the link, Cameron. I appreciate it. I’ve reciprocated for the same reasons. By the way, that Dave Barry article you linked to the other day was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

    steve 🙂

  2. Cameron,

    Thank you for the link. I also enjoy your blog! Your blog is much like Gordon’s; you always lift up Christ here. (Hope you don’t mind the comparison!)

    I have also added you to my link list at The RP. Hope you don’t mind.


  3. Steve,
    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

    I’m glad you enjoy the blog, but I am HIGHLY offended that you would in anyway compare me to Gordon! 🙂 JK, thanks for the link as well.

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