My answer to “Five(ish) Things I’d Like to Know about You” (Finally!)

I was tagged several days ago by The Rambling Prophet

0) What’s your name and website URL? (optional, of course)

Cameron Cloud (of course you already knew that if you’re here :))

1) What’s the most fun work you’ve ever done, and why? (two sentences max)

Pastoring the church I now pastor. (Sounds pretty spiritual, doesn’t it?) I thoroughly and sincerely enjoy every part (o.k. nearly, about 99% of) my responsibility as a pastor. (BTW . . . do parenthesis count in the 2 sentence limit?)

2) A. Name one thing you did in the past that you no longer do but wish you did? (one sentence max)

See my family (parents and brother) on a regular basis.

B. Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting it off? (one sentence max).

Visit and tour New Zealand.

3) A. What two things would you most like to learn or be better at, and why? (two sentences max)

Writing and preaching.  Two things I do, but never feel completely satisfied with. 

B. If you could take a class/workshop/apprentice from anyone in the world living or dead, who would it be and what would you hope to learn? (two more sentences, max)

Ronald Reagan on public speaking.  

4) A. What three words might your best friends or family use to describe you?

Loyal, diligent, & sarcastic (sometimes good, mostly not).

B. Now list two more words you wish described you…



5) What are your top three passions? (can be current or past, work, hobbies, or causes– three sentences max)

Family, knowledge, & ministry.

6) Write–and answer–one more question that YOU would ask someone (with answer in three sentences max).

 Paul, did you ever make it to Spain?

I’d like to think he did.

[Bonus: What is one question you wish people would ask themselves?]

Have I said too much?


2 thoughts on “My answer to “Five(ish) Things I’d Like to Know about You” (Finally!)

  1. Thanks for playing, Cameron. I enjoyed reading this post and getting to know you a bit better. Somehow, after reading that you compete regularly in marathons, I am a little shy to believe that you aren’t fit!

    In response to your bonus question, a neighbor once said, “Stand up and be seen, speak up and be heard, shut up and be appreciated.”

    Again, thanks.

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