Wednesdays with Whitefield

Calvinist George Whitefield, known as the “Trumpet of the Great Awakening”, was not ashamed to offer the message of salvation to all.  In his sermon, “Christ, the Support of the Tempted,” he declared to hecklers,

 “O you scoffers, come and see this Jesus, this Lord of glory whom you have despised; and if you will but come to Christ, He will be willing to receive you, notwithstanding all the persecution you have used towards His members.  However, if you are resolved to persist in your obstinancy, remember, salvation was offered to you, that Christ and free grace were proposed; but you refused to accept of either, and therefore your blood will be required at your own hands.”


7 thoughts on “Wednesdays with Whitefield

  1. An honest and faithful Calvinist holds no doctrinal position that would release him from obedience to the “Great Commission”. Nor does he hold any doctrinal position that releases the hearer of his responsibility to repent and obey the gospel.

  2. TAB,
    It’s good to see you back! Thanks for the kind words.

    I just wish people on both sides of the argument could remember that.

    Thanks for sharing.

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