The Mirror of Evil – Response to Critique

Response to Critique
(Post 8 of 9)

There are criticisms of this analogy that merit response. Those who deny the humanity of the unborn will say that this analogy does not apply. If the “fetus” (in their words) is not a person, then abortion cannot be compared to slavery, which restricted the rights of a human being. Therefore, slavery is not analogous to abortion.

These critics miss the point of the analogy and conversely provide supporting evidence to its validity. The central similarity of this comparison is not merely the mistreatment of the weak. While that element is present, it is only secondary. The primary analogy is in the denial of humanity and the arguments that proceed from that point. This criticism does not negate the analogy; it affirms it.

Another argument will deny the analogy by claiming that abortion is much worse than slavery. These critics will purport that slavery, while wrong, was not as bad as murder. Therefore, pro-life advocates should not use this argument because it is not an accurate analogy.

Like the previous argument, this also misses the point. The comparison is not between the severity of the acts, but between the ideology and arguments which supported the respective issue. An analogy is not similar in every aspect, nor should singular likeness imply complete correspondence.

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