The Mirror of Evil – Conclusion

(Post 9 of 9)

It is easy to sit in judgment over past generations and express righteous indignation at their immoral agencies.  Will not future generations look back at us in wonder that millions of human beings were sacrificed on the same altar?  Abortion is our generation’s slavery. 

Some have expressed the belief that the American lives lost in the Civil War was the price exacted by God’s justice upon a nation that had caused the suffering of and taken the lives of so many slaves.  Will we once again pay a terrible price in blood to atone for the innocent lives of the unborn? 

The moral equivalence of slavery and abortion is based on the comparison of the arguments and ideology supporting both. These are more than just coincidental similarities. They lead to the conclusion that abortion is an immoral institution. A moral people must not rest until it has met the same fate as its predecessor.

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