Jesus, Whose Blood So Freely Streamed

Here’s another great hymn from the pen of William Cowper.  For an interesting biography of Cowper listen to this.


Jesus, Whose blood so freely streamed
To satisfy the law’s demand;
By Thee from guilt and wrath redeemed,
Before the Father’s face I stand.

To reconcile offending man,
Make Justice drop her angry rod;
What creature could have formed the plan,
Or who fulfill it but a God?

No drop remains of all the curse,
For wretches who deserved the whole;
No arrows dipped in wrath to pierce
The guilty, but returning soul.

Peace by such means so dearly bought,
What rebel could have hoped to see?
Peace by his injured Sovereign wrought,
His Sovereign fastened to a tree.

Now, Lord, Thy feeble worm prepare!
For strife with earth and hell begins;
Conform and gird me for the war;
They hate the soul that hates his sins.

Let them in horrid league agree!
They may assault, they may distress;
But cannot quench Thy love to me,
Nor rob me of the Lord my Peace.


7 thoughts on “Jesus, Whose Blood So Freely Streamed

  1. I had a teacher in college that quoted William Cowper regularly. Many of His quotes have become my favorites. He was an amazing individual. Thanks for sharing this song.

  2. Janice,
    Glad you liked it. Cowper’s hymns are becoming some of my favorite “classics.”

    What is astounding about his songs is that they were written despite the depression and personal doubts he experienced. His story is one of God’s grace overcoming human weakness.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for sharing this hymn. I have been searching the lyrics and melodies of different classic hymns and other Christ honoring songs and have learned much about the history of these songs. This is a great hymn with much to glean from.

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