As Time Goes By . . .

It’s been 3 months.

No soul-searching. No deep thoughts. No internal debates over the future of this blog. No half-written posts abandoned.

No pressure to come up with posts. No annoyance from a post I disagreed with.  No frustration from not having the time or thoughts to respond as kindly and clearly to those posts as I’d like. 

 3 months of life. 

Time to read books I want to. Time to enjoy watching my children grow up. Time to value my wife.  Time to fulfill my vocational responsibilities.  Time for additional ministry opportunities. Time to improve and educate myself. Time for a hundred other things that make up life.  

Still, I miss having an external (non-ministry related) outlet to express myself.  I’ll be back “to our regularly scheduled programming” (in a briefer, simpler version) next week.   

Until then, Happy Independence Day!


9 thoughts on “As Time Goes By . . .

  1. Cameron,
    It is good to have you back. I hope to see more of your writing soon. Hope to see more of you.
    Tim A. Blankenship

  2. Cameron,

    Good to see a little activity over here .
    Been missing you but I understand all the excuses you wrote ! Most are legitimate ?
    Run down to the drug store and get you a bottle of Gerritol and it will help the energy situation ?


  3. Thanks for the encouragement and visits, guys.

    Ron, I’m not sure my problem is energy as much as it is time! 🙂 That’s one thing I don’t think Geritol will help!

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