“Namby Pambyist” Christianity

I frequently hear Christians bemoaning the “feminization of Christianity.”  The absence of men in the modern church is often attributed to this trend.  If anecdotal and personal evidence has any weight at all, there would seem to be some truth to their concern.   

This quote from Oswald Chambers’ diary makes me wonder, however if this is only a recent problem:

“Today I met a group of people I am not at all drawn to.  There is the stamp of the effeminate and sanctimonious about them which is languid.  They carry large Bibles and speak in extravagant terms of  ‘such a lovely man, a sweet man of God, dearly beloved brother so and so.’  To put it in rugged language it is enough to make a fellow ‘puke.’

“One man gave a Bible reading on ‘The Lord for the body,’ mildly apologetic and very diffident — ‘Really, don’t you know, it would be such a savour to the Lord Jesus if you were to be sanctified,’ this said with clasped hands and a sweet inoffensive smile and then you have a faint impression of this ambassador of the King of Heaven to men and women entirely in danger of becoming children of the Devil.

“Some of these missionaries are afraid of the Oriental Bible School and its strong advocacy of holiness, uncompromising and manly.  It is amazingly interesting to see all this from a spectator’s point of view, and am sure God must enjoy and pity it.  Oh, He’ll forgive them, for there’s nothing much to punish.  Had a very good talk with Mantle (another missionary) What must he think?  It is strange if he does not pity these unsexed namby pambyists.”

Oswald Chambers: Abandoned to God

David McCasland

Taking into account the meaning of words in 1907, it would seem that an “unsexed, namby pambyist”  Christianity is not a new phenomenon. 

But what is the solution?  I don’t believe it is a super dose of testosterone or a return to a caveman mentality.  I do believe a “strong advocacy of holiness, uncompromising and manly,” would be a great step in the right direction.  Christian men who are committed to personal holiness,  leading their families to Godly living, and not ashamed to boldly call others to the same standard would do more for the church than a thousand stadium-filled, male-bonding sessions.

What is your perception of this problem, and are there any solutions?


5 thoughts on ““Namby Pambyist” Christianity

  1. I gotta go with “character” on this one.

    I know guys who have somewhat effeminate voices and manners of speech, yet their manliness shines through because of how intensely strong and unwavering their characters are. I could only wish to compare to such rock-solid stability.

    Jesus has both the manliness of God and the motherliness of god. He could empathize, sympathize, and display the deepest levels of sympathy, while at the same time he would be convicting the SNOT out of those listening. The woman caught in adultery is a great example of this. There is no doubt that Jesus was unmoved by the hypocrisy standing before him. And yet he was fully moved by the tortured soul standing before him as well. Only someone with a secure character could do that and not send mixed messages.

    I have heard of the sissification of the men in the church. Thankfully, I don’t see it up close and personal. Bu I have seen some of it on the TV or movies and get a feel for what you are talking about.

  2. dk,
    I agree wholeheartedly. To me the real issue is backbone, not testosterone. Your point reminds me of a piece I read recently called “Steel and Velvet.” It talked about the strong AND softer sides of Jesus. If I can recall where I saw it, I’ll try and post it soon.

  3. Cameron,
    First, let me say it is good to see you back.
    I too think it is “Backbone”. The men of Christ need to be the men God called us to be. That doesn’t mean becoming sissies, or effeminate in bahavior. Character, and standing for your convictions no matter what others do. Loving your wife, your kids, and others is the act of a godly man, not a wimp.
    God bless you.
    Tim A. Blankenship

  4. Thanks, Pastor Tim!

    I believe a husband must take the initiative in seeing that spiritual matters are a priority in the home. That takes character.

    Any thoughts on a remedy for the seeming lack of this in many professing Christian men?

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