One Unoffended Protestant

The Pope has once again gone contrary to popular opinion and stated what he really believes.

Pope: Other Christians Not True Churches

Let’s take it as a given that I disagree with the Pope on this one.  However, unlike some, I’m not offended by this announcement.  Here’s a few reasons why:

1)  Is this news to anyone? Is this radically different from what they’ve always said?   

2)  It’s the Pope.  He’s Catholic.  If you believe Catholic doctrine, don’t you pretty much HAVE to say this?

3)  In this day of pluralism, I appreciate someone who will take an exclusivistic position about their beliefs.

4)  It’s a reminder that there ARE differences between Catholics and Protestants.

5)  It means Frank Beckwith got in just in time.

Ok.  That last one was sarcastic and way out of line. But, I for one applaud the Pope for bringing some clarity to the ambiguity of ecumenical inclusiveness.

Dr. Al Mohler responds to this same story.  I love it when a truly intelligent person proves it by agreeing with me!


9 thoughts on “One Unoffended Protestant

  1. Count me in also as an unoffended Protestant.

    I am surprised this post has not generated a response from some of the Catholic message boards. I once posted on a Catholic response to abortion and I got like 60-something comments on that post–all from “Catholic” defenders of the faith. I traced it back on my stats and all the pathways originated at a Catholic message board, which of course could only be accessed by registration and password.

    I did find it quite humorous that the article notes that despite the harsh tone of the Pope’s declaration, he still remains committed to ecumenical discourse.


  2. I ain’t offended either, but I do believe that in the end every thing will fall into place ?

    As soon as I look up all them big words , I might just comment again.


  3. I am not offended by what the guy said. I can actually RELATE to it!

    We Church of Christers are always catchin’ flack for our core beliefs on baptism and the like. And because we don’t budge on them, we offend people pretty easily.

    I can appreciate those who want unity and all that. I LOVE unity. And I can appreciate someone who stands up for his/her convictions and doesn’t back down from them (even if I disagree with them). I will CLING to my convictions (until someone proves me wrong…which I am open to).

    But like ol’ Bennie, I can not, for the sake of unity with all of Christendom, cast aside what I believe to be true. I know no one is asking me to do that here…but it’s happened.

    I say, “YOU GO, BENNIE!!! Now stop teaching falsehoods and jump on over to my side of the fence, will ya’!!?


  4. jel,
    Now be nice! 😉

    That’s the difference between a famous blogger like yourself and . . . 🙂

    You’re right. It will all work out in God’s time and plan. And your comments are welcome anytime!

    Amen! I may not agree with someone, but if their beliefs are inherently exclusive (as are the claims of any stripe of Christianity), I admire it when they “stick by their guns.”

  5. Ha! I typically do not expect my comment count to go into double digits. That post was unique in that somehow a Catholic search engine picked up on that post and felt I needed to be put in my place. The blog was placed on some kind of watch dog list for a while because those same folks, I could tell from my stat counter, watched my blog for weeks afterwards.

    But thanks anyway for the compliment!

  6. Welcome back Cameron! You’ve been missed. I do find it interesting with the sequence of events of Beckwith’s return to Catholicism that this is declared at this time. It seems to force us to respond to this with honestly without taking the easy way out. There is no middle ground on this issue. You’re either with Rome or faith alone in Christ alone.

    I too, applaud the Pope for his honesty.


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