Summer Book Poll

It’s been a long time since the last “world-famous” Nephos book poll.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve done one since coming to WordPress. 

Anyway, here’s one for the Summer:                                                             

What is the best book you’ve read so far this summer?


What is one book you hope to read before the summer is over?


6 thoughts on “Summer Book Poll

  1. jel says:

    I like these book poll, 😉

    the far BEST BOOK I have read this summer has been BREATHING GRACE BY HARRY KRAUS, VERY AWESOME BOOK, I have talked about it on my blog, a couple times, have buged people telling then about it!
    but it is a MUST read! 🙂

    I’m trying to read, THE WORD OF GOD IN ENGLISH by Leland Ryken
    I had some questions , about why there are so many diffent translation on the bible, and someone told me about this book, and I hope to get it done before the summer is over , but I have to stop and look words up I don’t know, 😉

    bet ya didn’t know i could say that much did ya! C 🙂

  2. nephos says:

    Thanks for sharing, jel. Looks as if you and I are the only ones reading this summer. I’ve never read either of those you mentioned, but they certainly sound interesting.

  3. Steve Sensenig says:

    Some of the rest of us are reading, too. Just too busy reading to comment 😉

    Seriously, as a family, we’ve read “Ishmael” and “Self-Raised” (both by E.D.E.N. Southworth, an 18th-century writer, I believe) and just last night started “Oliver Twist”. (We try to read together as a family each night before bed, with exceptions on late nights out, etc.)

    Additionally, we continue on our trek through the Bible cover-to-cover in our homeschool routine.

    Personally, I’ve been trying to finish up Frank Viola’s “God’s Ultimate Passion” for a LONG overdue review on my blog. I’ve also started “The Master Weaver” (I believe is the title, it’s not right here with me at the moment) by Ravi Zacharias, also for review.

    I’ve also read “Gun Lake” by Travis Thrasher and have just started “Admission” by the same author.

    Christy and I read together at night, too, sometimes, after we’re in bed, and we’ve been working through Dave Black’s “The Myth of Adolescence” during that time.

    Wow, it actually looks like I read a lot! I guess I’ve done better this summer than I even intended to do!! 😉

  4. nephos says:

    Thanks for putting down your book long enough to comment, Steve! 🙂

    I haven’t read the Zacharias book, but I have enjoyed several of his in the past. One of my favorites of his is “Can Man Live Without God?”

    Also, I love the practice of reading as a family. We’ve done it in the past (we especially enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia), though not as much recently as I’d like.

    Anyway, I always knew Nephos readers were well-read. Glad to see confirmation! 😉

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