Blogroll Additions

A recent editing of my blogroll has included several additions:

Tony Sisk has celebrated his first year of blogging by creating a new blog, Rambling Prophet 2 to accomodate his varied subject matter. Anyone who has visited RP1 will certainly want to frequent this new blog as well.

Britannica is one of those blogs that covers a wide range of topics. Everything from Technology to Religion can be found here.

For pastors (and those who seek to understand them), Ray Van Neste”s Oversight of Souls is a great site for encouragement and edification.

Give these guys a look. I think you’ll enjoy them.


2 thoughts on “Blogroll Additions

  1. Totally off subject, but any chance you would consider switching your feed settings to “full post” instead of “excerpt”? I’m not a big fan of clicking over to a blog to read the whole post, and just was curious if you had a particular reason for only feeding excerpts of your post.

    steve 🙂

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