Wednesday With Whitefield

George Whitefield

Morning Devotions

“It is often remarked of people in the Old Testament, that they rose early in the morning; and particularly of our Lord in the New, that He rose a great while before day to pray. The morning befriends devotion; and, if people cannot use so much self-denial as to rise early to pray, I know not how they will be able to die at a stake (if called to it) for Jesus Christ.”



2 thoughts on “Wednesday With Whitefield

  1. Bro. Cameron bad as I hate to say it , I used to be forgetful in the early morning and many times I didn’t think of praying , but in the last 5 years with nothing to do that is the first thing I do now when I wake up around 5:30 to 6:00 am and thank my Lord for another day !

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