Monday Morning Blessings

Occasionally our church will share a testimony time.  Thankfully, our folks don’t talk about hanging curtains or canning beans.  They genuinely share what God is doing in their lives and give thanks for it.  It is encouraging to them and to everyone else.

Since Monday is often the most discouraging day of the week, why not share a blessing from your worship yesterday?  A song? A friend? A sermon? A Scripture? What blessed you “on the Lord’s day?”

Who’ll be first? I see that hand!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blessings

  1. Yesterday was a tough Sunday. My third daughter was very sick with the green apple quick step. My fourth was on the upswing with it, so four out of the seven stayed at home. So, only 3/7 of us went to church yesterday. I am accustomed to preaching with my wife smiling at me from the third pew from the front on the piano side.

    However, God was merciful and helped me through it!

  2. Bro . Cameron,

    Thanks , I’m glad you asked ? I woke up at 6:00am with plenty of enthusisam and thanks that God allowed me to wake up have some coffee , and have something to eat and to be able to go to church and fellowship with all my friends at church ! I like everything we do at PPBC so I remembered to thank God for His day and retired to sleep at 11:30 pm .


  3. Tony,
    Isn’t it great how we can be blessed in worship even on a Sunday when there’s no “reason” to be? I hope your family is well soon.

    It’s good to hear how thankful you are. When you get down to it, every day is a worship day!

    Thanks to both of you for sharing your “blessings!” They encouraged me.

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