Remember Your Manners!

My wife and I try to teach our children manners and respect for others.  Occasionally, our lessons don’t turn out quite like we anticipate.

 In a recent storm, the wind blew our plastic trash can into our elderly neighbor’s yard.  “Miss” Mae is in her eighties and is one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet. Good neighbor that she is, she rescued the can and set it in a safe place until I could retrieve it.

 When my three-year-old and I went over, we stood and talked with her for several minutes.  Preparing to depart, I looked at Dylan and said “Say ‘Thank you, Miss Mae’.”  To which my neighbor meekly responded, “Thank you.”


5 thoughts on “Remember Your Manners!

  1. ” O Lord forgive me if I fail to show your humility in all things ? My neighbors four wheelers and motorcycles are so loud that I just can’t find time to be humble ? I do thank you for all of my good neighbors that I love and respect and helped me thru the hardtimes !

    My apologies Dear Lord .

  2. Ron – good neighbors are priceless aren’t they?

    Steve – hey, at least we have one thing in common! 😉
    (jk – I’m sure there’s many more)

    Amy – thanks for stopping by. Give my greetings to all there.

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