Friday Potpourri

Early this week, I had the privilege of preaching in revival services at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Dillwyn, VA. They were some of the most gracious, hospitable hosts I’ve ever met. We had a great time, and I believe God encouraged the wonderful people of that congregation.

My good friends The Maples, who revisited our church for our Homecoming service a few weeks back, have upgraded their website since my last link. Take a moment to visit, check it out, and leave a word of encouragement.

I’m joining the Navy. Not really, but I am going Whitewater rafting next week. On Friday, my Sunday School Class will navigate the treacherous waters of the New River in “Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia.” The rapids don’t scare me. The Baptists in the boat do.

Finally, in order to add something “spiritual” to the mix, here’s a quote I came across reading John Owen:

How did Christ yield perfect obedience to the law? He did it in response to the covenant of works imposed on mankind: ‘Do this and live’. Christ perfectly obeyed in the strength of the grace he had received. He obeyed so that he could procure life for man. He obeyed in order to fulfill the covenant God made with man.

Are we, then, freed from obedience? Yes. We are freed from obeying the law in our own strength, and we are freed from obeying it in order to obtain everlasting life. . . We are not freed from obedience as a way of walking with God, but we are freed from obedience as a means of making ourselves good enough to come to God.


4 thoughts on “Friday Potpourri

  1. Cameron,

    Glad you had a good revival at Bethlehem. I hope you made it home safely from wild & wonderful West Virginia (I’m near the border, you know) It can get treacherous in more ways than one. Seriously, I hope you all had fun.


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