Future Challenges to Worldwide Christianity

 I posted the first half of this question here and then added response. I enjoyed and appreciated the resulting discussion in the comments section.Now, here’s the second part to the question. Let’s get global.

What is the most important challenge(s) you believe Worldwide Christianity will be facing in the next fifty years?

What do you think? I look forward to hearing your answers.


6 thoughts on “Future Challenges to Worldwide Christianity

  1. kansasbob says:

    The message of Islam seems to attract men on a very large scale … I wonder if the next big Christian challenge will be to engage men in a meaningful and relevant way?

  2. Scott says:

    That’s a challenge in the here and now. The power that Islam holds for men would definitely be attractive to men that feel emasculated by a lot of what the current view of men in our culture is though so I see what you’re saying.

    I’ll say, dealing with technology/science and how we need to incorporate that into how we think about “church” and the creation. Also pretty here and now.

  3. Sarah Rooney says:

    I agree that Islam is a big part of this picture. And it’s a scary thought that men are drawn to such a misogynist religion, but nonetheless true.

    Perhaps to identify primarily with being a citizen of heaven (over and above being a citizen of a particular nation, race, gender, class or some other superficial dividing line) so that we can unite in our common goal of preparing for the wedding feast of the Lamb.

  4. gordoncloud says:

    I believe the greatest challenge will probably be persecution (not that this will be anything new). The increase of Islam which is openly hostile to Christianity in certain parts of the world as well as those who are politically opposed to the church will bring about restrictions and persecution even greater than it is now.

    Our greatest challenge will become our greatest opportunity, however. Persecution has always caused the church to flourish and I believe it will continue to do so.

  5. nephos says:

    It’s interesting that all of you mention Islam (that was related to my response too). I hadn’t thought about the attraction for men, though. That’s an interesting point.

    Sarah, welcome. Your answer related to the second part of mine. As the world grows “smaller,” we will find ourselves able to work and worship with brothers and sisters from around the globe. Working out the ramifications of that will certainly be a challenge.

    Thanks to all for your responses.

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