After Watching the Morning News . . .

I’m ticked about two things. 

Rudy Guiliani’s assertion that conservatives should vote for him because he is the most electable. His ability to defeat the Democratic nominee (probably Hillary) is still in question, and even if it weren’t, is that the best reason he can give?  If someone is sacrificing principle for practicality (and for him I won’t) the last thing they want is to be constantly reminded of it for 13 months.

And, can someone please tell Ann Coulter she doesn’t speak for conservatives?  Is this lady the best we can do?  No, Ann, nuking Iran does not “warm my heart.”  I know this was said with a modicum of sarcasm, but still. That’s exactly how moderates and liberals perceive us, and you just play into their stereotypes. When will it stop?

 OK.  I feel better now.  Sometimes you have to just let it out.  Which begs the question, “If a blogger blogs in the forest and no one reads it. . .”



9 thoughts on “After Watching the Morning News . . .

  1. was that last line a trick Q? 😦

    to me any way you look at it, none of them look that good!!

    why don’t you run for it! lest aperson would know where U really stand 😉 and U could get your older Bro, to be Vice P!

  2. A good word this morning. With Rudy, electability does not imply capability. He does not represent conservatives, hence why Dobson et. al. are looking at supporting a third party candidate. Who that is remains to be seen.

    And Ann…well, don’t get me started on Ann. Sarcasm is always a veiled way of saying what you really want to say anyway, with the removal of accountability. Nothing she says, even when not said sarcastically, surprises me anymore.

  3. jel,

    No political aspirations for me. I would vote for my much more qualified sibling, however. As to the last question, it’s more of an allusion to the fact that with some posts, it really doesn’t matter if anyone reads it. It’s mostly about getting something of my chest. 🙂

    I’m curious as to which third-party candidate may be presented. It’s not a sure thing, but with a Guliani nomination the likelyhood increases. The question is, who would be most viable?

    Thanks for the kind words!

    My home connection has a tendency to do that so I commiserate. We can only get dial-up (except by great expense) and information trickles.

  4. I will not vote for Guliani as well. I know that would put Hillary in the White House which is awful. I look at it this way though , if I vote for Guliani (the liberal in conservative clothing), in 4 years, if he wins, I would have to do the same. If I vote for a thrid-party canidate and Hillary wins, in 4 years, I might have the opportunity to vote for a social conservative who could win.

    I encourage all to take a long look at Huckabee. The “big 5” in front of him do not encourage me at all. I agree with Huckabee on 90% of the issues. To my knowledge, I am in 100% agreement on all social issues with him. He was a Baptist Pastor.

  5. Chris,

    Thanks for your comment. (Glad to see you stop lurking!) 😉 I hope it won’t be your last.

    I like Huckabee, and he has certainly done well for himself thus far. We’ll have to wait and see how he does in the primary, but I expect he will do better than the pundits say.

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