The Lessons David Learned

Not only did the life David lived reveal his integrity,  the lessons he had learned showed it was well.

Though young in years, David had learned valuable life-lessons.  Perhaps the most important of these was the lesson of what is really important.

David did not regard the task of watching sheep as unimportant.  On two occasions (after being anointed king and after serving in the palace) we are told that he returned without complaint to the sheepfield.

This attitude is in stark contrast to contemporary thinking.  If Jesse’s home had been like many modern families, David wouldn’t have been found in the pasture.  Jesse would have had to drag him out of his bedroom where he was playing his X-box or surfing the web.  If it were like many churches, he would have had to beg, plead and convince of the prestige and privilege of the position to even get him into the pasture.  

Somewhere along the way, in our families, churches, ministries, and workplaces, we have lost tthe value of honest labor.  If the job is not rewarding or doesn’t bring perceived prestige, it just isn’t good enough.  Some would prefer not to work at all than to have a job that doesn’t “measure up.” 

This has unfortunately seeped into the work of God.  We want to serve God on our terms.  “God,” we say, “I’ll serve you as long as it’s a task I’m comfortable with.” Or, “I’ll serve you, just let it be an ‘important’ or ‘fulfilling’ job.”  Pastors work their way up the ladder of ministerial prestige, serving small churches just long enough to earn the right for a “bigger opportunity.”  Christians refuse to perform any ministry that calls for genuine sacrifice or discomfort.

Proverbs 14:23 tells us, “In all labor there is profit.”  There are no small tasks.  There are no “little” ministries.  Let’s return to the thinking of the old songs that said, “ALL to Jesus I surrender,” and “Wherever He leads I’ll go.”  Your part to play in God’s kingdom is important.

Does the place you’re called to labor
  Seem so small and little known?
  It is great if God is in it,
  And He’ll not forsake His own.

Little is much, if God is in it,
  Labor not for wealth or fame.
  There’s a crown, and you can win it,
  If you’ll go in Jesus name.


One thought on “The Lessons David Learned

  1. kansasbob says:

    Nice post.. sad but true that much of church ministry resembles Corporate America. I am finding that eventually we all have to serve on His terms.. we either humble ourselves or He does it for us.. and the latter looks/feels a bit more like humiliation 😦

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