The PMS Brigade

Misawa shares this amazing story from the Colorado church shootings.

He adds,

“An armed female volunteer and an unarmed veteran took this man down. There were three guards on the scene with guns, and the only ones that had the courage to do something about it, that weren’t paralyzed with fear, was the armed woman and the man who wouldn’t sit by and “let” something happen.”

He also has a couple of links to comments regarding women in combat.  I know there are strong and varied opinions on this topic, but I have often thought it should be allowed.

Here’s the plan: the army should organize units according to their monthly cycle, then rotate them in combat accordingly.

Trust me. No enemy would stand. Al Quaeda would surrender. Osama would run screaming from his mountain fortress hideout. Suicide bombers would be volunteering for solitaire missions.

We all know its true. Its just a matter of time before someone figures it out. Now, before I get stoned by any women readers, just remember that any attack on my person just serves to prove my point.

Editorial Note
The above was written by an individual with a warped sense of humor. It does not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of the owner/editor of this blog. Any negative feedback should be sent to

UPDATE: And speaking of courageous women!


7 thoughts on “The PMS Brigade

  1. I think it is ironic that of all of the public shootings in our country recently, the only place where standers-by had the courage to get involved and do something to stop it was at church.

    I’m surprised no one has accused this woman of having a “John Wayne Complex”.

    This was a funny article, btw.

  2. I’ll be the first woman to comment!!!

    You’re funny! You obviously possess a very healthy sense of humor . . . and along with that you’re either very brave in an abandon-it-all sense of adventure sort of way, or your rather senseless. Since I don’t know you and I always assume the best . . . I’ll assume you’re funny and brave!

    And while I’m at it, I’ll go ahead and assume wisdom as well. You’ve realized the potential for victims of pms by redirecting the effects of it in a way that will benefit all of society. Wow!

    I can one up you though . . . the pregnant women is far more formidable than the pms woman. And she would be good for a longer tour of duty (9 months vs. 1 week)!

  3. Glad to bring a smile to some faces. (Even if Bob didn’t really find it funny 😉 )

    Kerri, I appreciate the benefit of the doubt, but there are many friends and acquaintances that would go with “senseless.” I do have to say your idea has merit. Maybe my idea could be applied to Special Forces. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

    jel, occasionally, yes! She laughed pretty hard at this one. (And that’s really going some.)

    I can’t answer for this particular church, but some churches are in dangerous areas. With the increase in church robberies and the size of some churches, I would hazzard a guess that security is becoming necessary.

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