Welcome to the 20th Century!

That’s right boys and girls. Nearly a decade after our first and only chain grocery, that jolly man who brings goodies and toys to the children of the world is about to leave his giant footprint in our neck of the woods.

No, Virginia, it’s not Santa.   Ronald McDonald is about to single-handedly vault us into the twentieth century. In fact, that universal symbol for heart attack is already raised high in the air over the shell of the soon-to-be newest golden arch supper club and can be clearly seen from our traffic light.

And among the hobbits there is great rejoicing (We elves, however, are still holding out for a Starbucks).

 Did I mention that I live in the country?


11 thoughts on “Welcome to the 20th Century!

  1. Congrats! I am soo happy for you. Sure beats going to the place where you always came out smelling like cigarettes (as well as the styrofoam containers your food was in).

    Now you can jog to the restaurant. 🙂 I’d like a Starbucks in our town too, but then I’d be broke. 🙂


  2. Travis, I don’t know about the jogging. It’s still over 12 miles away. As for the smoke smell, just give it time. 🙂

    Bob, the Virginia Outback.

    Gordon, you’re still urban compared to us. You have a Wal-mart.

    Jel, but then I don’t feel as hip. 😉 Plus try as I might, I am yet unsuccessful at imitating a good Mocha.

  3. don’t know about the younger gen wanted to be hip.

    12 miles, that should be a cakewalk for young~in as yourself 😉

    try 25miles, if I want to go anywhere one way! now that’s living in the country 😕

  4. Why would anybody be excited about the arches? They should be sued for false advertisement. They still don’t have a hamburger. Roadkill maybe? Huh, Huh? Please don’t take my grandsons to such an awful place.

  5. Travis, it’s in Dillwyn. I might run that far, but not for a “heartattack on a bun.” 🙂

    Jel, that’s two things I don’t think I’ve ever been called: young and hip. 😉

    POV, it’s not about the food, it’s the progress. We are hoping it is a harbinger of greater things to come. BTW, thanks for gracing my humble blog with your presence! It’s been a long time. 🙂

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