The Church and Its Gospel Mission

Church Matters shares the following poll:

  1. I (my church) focus more on the Epistles or the Gospels.
  2. I (my church) believe the mission of the Gospel is advanced by proclamation or demonstration.
  3. I (my church) believe the goal of local evangelism is to grow my church of to grow the church.
  4. I (my church) see the Kingdom of God as a future heavenly reality or a present reality on earth.
  5. I (my church) believe conversion is a singular decision or a journey over time.
  6. I (my church) believe the Gospel is more exclusive or more inclusive.
  7. I (my church) believe partnering with other local churches is essential to our mission or not important to our mission.

 While I think some of the questions pose a false dichotomy, and others leave out viable options, they also expose some interesting trends.  What would your answers be?


7 thoughts on “The Church and Its Gospel Mission

  1. 1) Neither, my focus is knowing God via the bible.

    2) Both, proclamation without demonstration is empty and demonstration without proclamation is humanism.

    3) Neither, the goal (if that is the right word) is to grow the kingdom by loving God and people.

    4) Present and future reality.

    5) A series of decisions over the journey – if love is a decision.

    6) Way more inclusive than my narrow view 🙂

    7) Essential – unity is not an option.

  2. I think KB has given some good answers. The only area where we might differ is on 5. I believe that conversion is singular decision that causes us to embark on a journey.

  3. Maybe I might reword #5 like this:

    A series of responses to God’s love over the journey – albeit the first ‘yes’ response might be the most important.

    I think that Gordon and I are pretty much in agreement on this one.. as long as the singular conversion decision is one of the heart and not the head.

    What are your answers Cameron?

  4. Cam,
    I think you know my answers to these questions. I am alarmed at trends that are leading people away from Biblical truths.
    Palms of Victory

  5. Thanks for your thoughts, guys.

    KB, I find it difficult to give unqualified answers to these. The questions on this poll are as enlighting as the answers. On many, I find myself answering “Both!” As with many religious polls, these questions seem to stem from extreme philosophies of ministry and missiologies. They leave little room for balanced answers.

    For example my answer to . . .
    #1 Both. This question seems to reflect the view that the Gospels are more practical/outreach/socially oriented and the Epistles more theoretical/church/theologically focused. I see not contradictions or conflicts between the two.

    #2 Both. Again, this question seems to seek a distinction between message oriented outreach and mission oriented. I don’t think either is exclusively correct.

    I could go on, but overall I see this poll as exposing the prevalent “either/or” thinking of contemporary Christianity. When it comes to the mission of the Church, I prefer to view it as a “both/and” proposition.

  6. KB,
    In one sense, yes. I believe there is a “point of turning,” or conversion moment. However, the work of change and growth is continuous. I would say that the search for God does not end at salvation, it begins.

    Thus, it is a particular moment that is the culmination, the continuation, and the commencement of a journey.

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