Walker’s Words of Wisdom?

The Liberty Journal reports that film and t.v. star Chuck Norris will be the graduation speaker at Liberty University’s graduation this month. 

Related Chuck Norris Fact:

Chuck Norris doesn’t give commencement addresses.  He gives the graduates permission to begin their lives. 

*Editorial Note:  This post will be meaningless unless you are familiar with the currently popular Chuck Norris “facts”.  If you ARE familiar with said wisdom, try this for fun.  Go to Google and type in “find Chuck Norris.”  Then click “I’m feeling lucky.”  Who says Google has no sense of humor?


5 thoughts on “Walker’s Words of Wisdom?

  1. If there should be any Chuck Norris fans among the illustrious Nephos readership, feel free to add your Chuck Norris fact (or personal favorite).

  2. Chuck Norris isn’t afraid of the dark, the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris; which incidentally is why the dark sleeps with a nightlight.

    The boogey man can’t sleep at night because he is afraid Chuck Norris is in his closet. Or under the bed. Or somewhere…

    Chuck Norris CAN divide by zero.

  3. Cam,
    I am looking beyone Chuck’s abilities to act to his present testimony as a child of God. I hope he encourages the students to give their best to the Master.

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