VP Feedback

From what I’ve read, the three top possibilities for V.P. picks by McCain are Charlie Crist (Florida), Mitt Romney (Mass), and Bobby Jindal (LA).  Other than Romney I know very little about these guys.  What do you know about them and which of the three would be your pick for a McCain VP? What can your nominee bring to the ticket? Besides these guys, who would be your ideal pick?

Personally, I’m for nominating Bob as VP!


8 thoughts on “VP Feedback

  1. Crist is a somewhat moderate Republican. I believe that he is conservative on moral issues, a bit more progressive on economic and environmental.

    I know that he is quite popular in Florida.

  2. I know at one point he was considering Condoleeza Rice. (I think I spelled her name right.) Bobby Jindal, from what I have read seems solid. He has done much to rebuild NOLA, plus his age will offset McCain’s by about 35 years. McCain joked a day or two ago that he had the “oldness” to get the job done. I thought that was funny.

    I nominate Papa Ron.

  3. I don’t think that anyone from Kansas (including Senator Sam Brownback, and our governor Kathleen Sebelius) would make a good VP – but thanks for the nomination Cameron.. and for the endorsement Gordon!

    Sadly, I have become a single-issue voter this year and McCain’s position on the Iraqi War disqualifies him from consideration for my vote.. guess that is what sometimes happens when you have a soldier in your fmily. Possibly if he picked Ron Paul as his VP I might reconsider him – now that one made me smile.

    Feel free to withdraw your nomintions and endorsements 🙂

  4. Jindal would be a good pick. I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to vote against the Democrat or for a third party. If McCain picked a staunch pro-lifer I might be persuaded to vote Republican. I’m hoping the chatter is right about McCain only being interested in being a one-termer.

  5. “I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to vote against the Democrat or for a third party.”

    Casey, that’s the same dilemma I (and I’m sure many others) are facing. Right now, I’m leaning toward the negative vote, but I certainly understand and empathize with those who decide to go third party.

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