Dawg Gone!

This news is about three days old, but I just read US News reporting the death of long-time University of Georgia mascot, UGA VI. I’m not usually emotionally affected by the passing of a canine (though I always cry at the end of Old Yeller), but as a life-long fan of the Dawgs I am saddened by the news.

In memory of this legendary mascot, I will burn a stuffed gator.


7 thoughts on “Dawg Gone!

  1. jel says:

    sooooosorry to that! πŸ˜•

    was a good look~in dog~

    why don’t ya cook a real gator, i hear that they are good to eat!

  2. nephos says:

    Matthew, RIP indeed! :O

    Gordon, he was a class act. At least I don’t recall any reported altercations with players from the opposing team (in the end zone, during pre-game warm-ups, achemsmokeyachem)!

    Jel, if I could get my hands on one I might do that. It has crossed my mind, but here in VA we don’t have too many native Gators. Maybe next time I’m down south . . . πŸ™‚

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