That Is Why We Must Go

It is difficult in “churchianity”-saturated America to remember the millions who have never heard. This report from a missionary friend reminds me of the “why” of missions!

The Team stopped to deliver the packets of New Testaments, Disciple books, notebooks, and pens. While doing this, the village people came running. Whether for packets, or because they saw white people, it does not matter, the Lord brought them to us.

Forty plus people stood and listened to C______ (a national preacher) preach the gospel from the tailgate of a pickup. You could see the expressions on their faces change from interest, to contemplation, then to sadness as he spoke of sin against a Holy God. Their faces changed to wonderment when he spoke of the Son of God that paid the penalty. Men, women, boys and girls called on God for salvation standing around that truck. Before we left several men came to C and pleaded “Please come back and teach us more”.

We went back three days in a row. C and A___ (national preacher) have arranged to go back weekly. That is why we “must needs go….”


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