Insanity Abounds

News stories that make me scratch my head.

Since you can’t sue God . . .

Man Sues Publisher for Bible Statements.

and . . .

Man Sues Church for Being “Slain in the Spirit”.

He did pray for “a real experience.” Be careful what you pray for.

Further insanity:
“Black Hole” Racist?

I don’t even know what to say about that one.

No More Men At Work

I’ve always questioned those signs, but for different reasons. But, hey, it’s only fair. I’m sure women can lean on their shovels just as efficiently as men.


5 thoughts on “Insanity Abounds

  1. I think they are just sues crazy these days!!!!!!!!

    as for the shovels, yes women can shovel~it just as good asthe men can 😉

    oh and thanks for the stopby and the comment on the pic, thing is I can’t tell if your’s or your big brother’s 🙂

  2. My understanding is that the guy who fell (was slain by God?) in church had medical bills that the church’s insurance company would not cover.. not sure he had much recourse but to sue to get some money from the insurance company.. he probably needed his own medical/disability insurance.

  3. I used to wonder about these signs that said, “Slow Children Playing”. I always thought, “How sad.”

    Then I saw a sign that said, “Slow Men Working”, and I was glad to know that at least the kids were able to grow up and get a job.

  4. jel, I think you’re right.

    KB, that whole story is a head-scratcher. I’m not sure why the insurance wouldn’t cover (although a friend in the business says it’s not surprising), not sure why the church didn’t have someone to catch, and not sure why the man is surprised!

    Gordon, you’re just mean. You know good and well that those slow men are NOT working.

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