I Just Finished Watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Wow! Whatever your feelings about the Games being held in China, you have to acknowledge the impressive achievement of the opening event. The scale, precision, and artistic beauty exceeded all expectations. If you’ve ever directed people to do anything, you have to be impressed with the discipline and precision of thousands of participants in complex choreography. And those closing fireworks!

Personally, I’m torn between a sense of protest over the human rights history of the Chinese government and a hope that hosting the games will lead to a greater sense of openness and freedom for the Chinese people. If history has taught us anything, we should know that freedom beget freedoms. An exposure to liberty will often develop an appetite for it.


4 thoughts on “I Just Finished Watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony

  1. I loved the drums that opened the ceremony.. pretty amazing stuff.

    I think that China’s industral revoltion is going to impact our children and grandchildren greatly.. they have the potential to become the extremely dominant country in the global economy.. I hate to say it but the USA may simply fade out as they fade in.

  2. China has a lot of potential in their future, whether postive or negative. And I hope you’re right that freedom spurs more freedom…the opening ceremony was an impressive show and a good example of what they can accomplish as a nation. Let’s hope their future accomplishments remain as beautiful and peaceful.

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