Unlearning Familiar Errors

“Man who is slow to learn spiritual truths, is still slower to unlearn familiar errors.”

F.W. Farrar


5 thoughts on “Unlearning Familiar Errors

  1. Jel, because of the limitations of a “natural” mind, man is slow to grasp spiritual truth. It is even harder to “unlearn” the errors we have learned. To use a sports example, a boy may take some time to learn to swing a baseball bat properly. If he has learned incorrectly, it takes even longer for him to lose the bad habits. Hope this helps.

  2. yes thank you! if ya have been taught how to do something one way your hold live and then found out that it is wrong , it would be harder to unlearn what you thought was right is wrong.

  3. Without spiritual light we cannot see the error of our ways. Note: some have seen the light and still haven’t learned the truth! Hard Hearts and Hard Heads!

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