Alabama Ammo Shortage Mystifies Authorities

Tuesday, August 26, 2007

According to recent reports, local department stores are rapidly selling out of ammunition. Birmingaham sporting-good stores began reporting the sales phenomenon late last week. Authorities profess uncertainty as to the cause of this unusual trend.

The reason is no mystery, however, to long-time Jefferson county resident Bill Dawson. “Them Commies may have invaded Georgia, but I’ll be dad-blamed if they get Alabama too!”

5 thoughts on “Alabama Ammo Shortage Mystifies Authorities

  1. Dave says:

    I had to laugh when I read this. But, partly to keep from crying. During the invasion, a news update came across the radio. One of my younger (@21) employees really thought that Russia had invaded American soil. He was asking why Georgia, why wouldn’t they go into Alaska first? We made sure he was set straight, but did have a little fun with it first.

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