The Greenway

Down the hill from where I sit preparing for class, there is a path.  Well-shaded, this “greenway” descends gradually from the busyness and noise of modern Winston Salem to the quiet seclusion of Old Salem.

Old Salem is a historic community restored to its colonial appearance.  Though it is only a short distance between the tall office buildings of a modern city, it is centuries apart. Elegant colonial homes and shops line the brick paved streets.  Period household goods furnish the houses, and yards are filled with flowers, shrubs, and vegetables common to that era. The peacefulness of its Moravian settlers seems to permeate the air.

With a short walk down the “Green Way,” the frenetic pace of a 21st century workday recedes and is replaced with the peace and relative solitude of the 17th century. Noticeably absent are the clutter, rush, and clamor of modern life.  Even a short visit can be a welcome reprieve to a weary worker.

Believers also have a “greenway.” Prayer is our path to the presence of God. It is our avenue to peace.  It leads us to the quiet strength that comes from time with God.  Though we live in a busy, hectic world that seems to sap our spiritual strength, we can resort to this haven.  Though the problems of our daily life may still tower over us, they do not detract from the sense of assurance that can be found through prayer. After even a short visit, we can return to our daily agenda refreshed and spiritually renewed.

Sadly, many people are unaware of this path. Just as hundreds of busy workers drive past the path that would lead them to a quiet moment in Old Salem, never realizing the blessing they are missing, many believers miss out on the joy of God’s presence.

Got a busy schedule today? Carrying a heavy burden? Take a break. Find your way to the peacefulness of God’s presence. Spend a moment on God’s Greenway.


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