A Grace-filled Discourse

I don’t normally focus so much on links to articles by others, but I’ve been extraordinarily busy these past couple of weeks and have had no time to write original posts. Also, in this political season, there have been some thought-provoking articles written that I hope will challenge our thinking.

In that vein, here’s a link to a post by Josh Harris of Covenant Life Church. It’s a rather lengthy read, but I would encourage everyone to read the entire post. It contains both a letter from potential church members, and Josh’s response. The letter is a very thoughtful presentation of the turmoil many Christian voters are feeling over being “one-issue” voters. Josh’s response is not only a well thought out answer and a demonstration of a pastor’s heart, it is a good model for those of us who face similar views and questions.

“Recently a couple pursuing membership in our church wrote me a very thoughtful, humble letter with questions generated by the recent sermon “Don’t Waste Your Vote.” In particular, they took issue with the emphasis placed on the issue of abortion. While pro-life themselves, they felt that by highlighting abortion we were essentially endorsing a particular party. I wrote them back and sought to share the perspective of the pastoral team, why we did what we did and how we view this issue.”

You can read Josh’s post here: Correspondence on Abortion and Voting

May all discourse between believers be this grace-filled and courteous.


5 thoughts on “A Grace-filled Discourse

  1. KB, despite the things I dislike about Bush and his administration, I can’t convince myself we would have been better off under Gore or Kerry. Nor that we will be better off with Obama than with McCain. While abortion is a major point for me, other issues influence my opinion on this as well.

    I believe Obama is an honorable man who means well, but I cannot stomach his liberal solutions to many of the issues facing our nation. There are also things about McCain and Palin I don’t agree with, but these are fewer than my problems with Obama.

  2. I think that if Gore was elected we would not have invaded Iraq and many Americans and many more Iraqis would still be alive.. anti-preemptive-war is a part of my pro-life thinking.

    Maybe if Kerry got elected the republicans would not have lost the majority in Congress.. maybe we wouldn’t be overly extended (militarily and financially) in Iraq.

    I don’t know what Obama’s impact will be but McCain hawkish foreign policy tendancies just scare me.. reminds me of Bush’s cowboy diplomacy.

    I may yet vote McCain.. still undecided.. but the prolife rhetoric in Harris’ letter won’t get me there.. McCain will have to do well in the debates.. hoping he doesn’t espouse his typical simplistic rhetoric when he answers the moderators comments.

    I guess that I am looking for a thoughtful president who has the ability to do something besides shoot from the hip.

  3. Since Iraq was in clear violation of its terms of surrender from the first Gulf War, I do not see the current involvement in Iraq as a preemptive war. I don’t see how Gore could have avoided it, either. The UN should have used force to get Hussein to comply with the terms of surrender back in 1998 when the inspectors were first thrown out. Since it didn’t, it was up to the US to do so. Post 9/11, I don’t see how any President could have avoided it.

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