Talking Heads Get On My Nerves

Especially four in the same screen.  Two perspectives from four people at one time is annoying.  Some obviously enjoy the cacophany, but I detest it.


3 thoughts on “Talking Heads Get On My Nerves

  1. Especially when those people are rude to each other and are of the extreme variety. Only adds to the confusion and makes the decision even harder for those that are undecided. Encourage people to watch the cnadidates debate each other. Just make sure to tell them to turn the TV off immediately after the debate and avoid the confusion of the reactions.

  2. What really cracks me up is when they finally call a cease fire, every one of the participants is wearing a smug look that says, “I really told them.” The only problem is, noone has a clue what they said.

  3. Great advice, Dave. I do wonder how many people are so used to being told what to think that it might not benefit them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Gordon, either that or they just got their head handed to them, and they still have that look.

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