Could We Benefit From the Economic Crisis?

A number of years ago I was having a conversation with a friend who had lived through the depression.

I commented, “I wonder if one of the best things that could happen to America is to experience another Depression. Maybe it would help us realize our dependence on God and each other.”

“No,” he responded. “Back then most people had character. When times got tough, they were willing to work, to stand in line all day just to get a chance at a job paying $.50 a day. They tightened their belts and did without.”

“If we had a depression today,” he said, “You’d see a rise in crime. Most folks today don’t have the kind of character necessary to work through tough times. They’d rather steal than do without.”

“Cameron, difficulties only show what’s already inside a person. Hard times don’t create character, they simply bring out what was already on the inside.”

I was reminded of this when I read Tim Ellsworth’s article about the current economic crisis.

It’s easy to grow frustrated and anxious over what has happened, and what may happen in the future. We’ve all read the stories from the Great Depression and know what a difficult time that was in this nation’s history. The thought of experiencing something even close to that is enough to spur some sleepless nights.

But what if a recession, or even a depression, is the means to a better end than that to which our current trajectory is leading?

I think Tim is right on this. Despite my older friend’s words, I’m still optimistic that hard times could be beneficial to our society. Sure, there are some who will display an absence or weakness of character, but there are many who will not. They will do what Americans have done before and rise to the challenge. As I’ve said before, history makes me an optimist.

Read Tim’s entire article here:
Crisis could be good for nation


3 thoughts on “Could We Benefit From the Economic Crisis?

  1. Cameron,
    I think I do agree with you, and see some optimism in this crisis but I also agree with your friend.
    These times will bring out the best in some, particularly those who know Jesus Christ, and maybe open some eyes concerning the truth of Christ; and bring out the worst in some who will steal and kill and destroy to get what they need and want.
    I only pray that there will be more of the former and less of the later.

  2. Cameron,
    We cannot know what people will do under pressure until they are subjected to the trial. I personally believe that there are alot of Americans who can and will respond in a postive manner. There will always be those and have always been, that would rather steal than work. You don’t have to have a crisis to find these,just look at your daily news.
    I do believe it will take something like a depression to get Christians to wake up and realize they have been worshiping the things that God has given us rather than the God who gave them.

  3. Pastor T. and “Dr. D.”, I agree the balanced view is best. Historically, it does seem that hard times serve to bring out the best in people in a surprising way.

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