Our Family Observance of Reformation Day

Our day started early with Will playing “A Mighty Fortress” on the piano. The organ sound setting gave it a real Reformation feel. This commenced a full day of home-schooling (you know how strong the Reformers were for education) and Reformation themed activities and discussion.

While searching for

we watched

Of course our two Legomaniacs loved it!

After school we all went to a nearby State Park for the first annual “Anabaptist 1 Mile Fun Run.” (We thought the name “Tiptoe Through the Tulips Fun Run” might be more appropriate, but didn’t want to give the wrong theological impressions. Besides, take out the word “fun” and its still historically accurate!)  It was Dylan’s first long run, and he was so proud that he finished his mile. (He and Will are both enjoying running.)

We came home for a meal of Wittenburgers, Heretic Fries (that’s what happens when you burn one at the stake), and Root Beer (we are Baptists after all), topped off with Reformation Sundaes. The rest of the evening we spent watching movies and playing games.

We all concluded that Reformation Day is more than an alternative holiday for Halloween.  It’s an enjoyable and profitable celebration on its own.


6 thoughts on “Our Family Observance of Reformation Day

  1. I have watched and liked both of those Luther movies that are out there. I remember one point in the latest version when Luther comes out of seclusion and is somewhat shocked at the impact that his teachings had. It caused me to pause.. sometimes our theology when taken to extreme cn have some unexpected results.

  2. KB, unfortunately that nearly always happens.

    Gordon, no. It’s someone who is passionate about their waffles.

    Jel, being traditional Baptist “teetotalers,” we avoid the real thing. 😉

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