Election Night

I’m doing what I had planned not to do this year:  watching the election returns closely.  I’ve got the results pages for my state, county, and district pulled up and am waiting impatiently for them to start coming in.

I had intended to go to bed and ignore the polls, but my political side won’t allow it.  What are your plans for election night?


7 thoughts on “Election Night

  1. KB, I was planning on House reruns. I’m not only anxious about the presidential, I’m concerned about our congressional election. Senator’s gone, but Rep is still a race.

  2. It was just perfect for me, being in Japan. I got to watch the returns coming in at noon here. 😀 Voting by absentee ballot allowed me to stay out of the lines, too. 😉

  3. Thanks for rubbing it in, Casey. I ended up staying awake till way past the networks called it. I missed the lines too, but it’s for a different reason. We live in the country, and there just wasn’t that many voters!

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