He likes their weather . . .

I’ve been impressed with Governor Jindal since I first began to learn about him during the VP selection. You can ignore the commentators on the video if you like, but take a listen to his thinking on the issues. As a conservative, it sounds good to me.

I love his response on going to Iowa. “They have nice weather!”  Interesting that we’re barely two days past this election and the questions are already beginning about 2012.

I make no claims to being a prophet (though I did predict Obama’s election over four years ago), but I do predict this man will one day be president of the US.

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5 thoughts on “He likes their weather . . .

  1. My son and I were talking about Jindal today. I have mixed feelings..

    ..I am hoping that Obama proves to be a centrist like Clinton (who was labeled as a liberal in 92) and leaves the country in decent fiscal shape the way that Clinton did.

    ..If Obama doesn’t govern like Clinton then I am going to be looking at people like Jindal.

  2. I think he’ll definitely be on the ticket. It does seem way too early to discuss this. Let’s hope that the campaign won’t start nearly as early as it did this year – almost two years of a campaign was way too long.

  3. KB, I too hope Obama will be more centrist than his record suggests. Personally, I expect Jindal to continue to emerge over the next eight years (four if Obama flounders, which I DON’T expect) and be a contender in 2016. He’s young and barring any major scandals, he’s got plenty of time. I think he was wise to wait this one out.

    SVH, as I said above, I don’t expect him to run in 2012 unless Obama has belly-flopped. He would have to really stink it up to lose his loyal support, so I don’t expect that. Jindal would be crazy to waste a run against a popular, incumbent opponent.

    And you are SO right about the length of the campaign! Hopefully this will be my last “campaign” (not necessarily political) post for a while.

  4. It’s quite ironic to contemplate that the country might be in better shape after eight years of Obama than if he only has four.

    If he does flub up so bad as to lose his loyal support in four years, can you imagine what a mess that will be?

  5. While I do think that the enthusiasm and momentum for him will likely lessen by the next election cycle, I feel certain some will support him regardless of how he does. I’m also pretty sure for better or worse we’re in for eight years.

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