Obama, the Democrat’s George Bush

Tuesday’s election marked a historical moment for America.  No matter your political persuasion, the election of an African-American as President is something to be excited about. While it is long overdue, it happened much earlier than anyone expected.

I couldn’t help but think of the similarities of eight years ago.  A relatively inexperienced candidate, swept into office by a strong, yet often marginalized party constituency.  This candidate, perceived by that constituency to be “one of us,” faces high expectations coupled with national challenges.

Every believer should pray sincerely and diligently for Obama.  He faces great challenges, and, like him or not, the reins of our nation are in his hands.  There will be great pressure from his left, those who have been the bedrock of his support thus far.  There will be great pressure from his right, the heart of the country. His only hope is to govern moderately, and even that will meet disapproval.

We face months, maybe years, of financial difficulty.  In addition, I believe for all his verbiosity VP Biden is correct:  There will be a challenge from the world.

Combined with the high expectations people have placed on him, all of this will demand an uncommon level of leadership.  Though I disagree with many of his positions, I pray that he will be the president I feel he has the potential to be.

I can only hope President Obama governs more conservatively than he has previously represented, and that those who have such high expectations are not disappointed as many have been with President Bush.


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