Weekends are for Worship: A Worshiper’s Nature

Stephen Charnock has some powerful things to say about worship in his “Existence and Attributes of God.” Here he establishes the purpose of our restoration in salvation as spiritual worship:

To have a spiritual worship is God’s end (purpose) in the restoration of the creature, both in redemption by His Son and sanctification by his spirit. A fitness for spiritual offerings was the end of the ‘coming of Christ’ (Mal. 3:3); He should purge them as gold and silver by fire, a spirit burning up their dross, melting them into a holy compliance with and submission to God. To what purpose? That they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness; a pure offering from a purified spirit; He came to ‘bring us to God’ (1 Peter 3:18) in such a garb, as that we might be fit to converse with Him.

Can we be thus, without a fixedness of our spirits on Him? The offering of spiritual sacrifices is the end of making any a ‘spiritual habitation’ and a ‘holy priesthood’ (1 Peter 2:5). We can no more be worshippers of God without a worshipper’s nature, than a man can be a man without a human nature.


2 thoughts on “Weekends are for Worship: A Worshiper’s Nature

  1. “a worshipper’s nature”

    I like that one Cameron! Gotta wonder if a believer can have any other kind of nature.. although it would be hard to prove with some 🙂

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