Un(der)appreciated Groups

Here’s a list of the oft maligned, but who deserve more respect:

1. The French

One word for why I can’t despise the French as much as their perceived arrogance deserves?  Lafayette.

2. Comedians

Sure. No one takes them seriously, but for anyone who has ever had to communicate, the ability to write your own material, communicate it well, and be funny all at the same time takes considerable skill and hard work.  Comedy is both an art AND a science.

3. Politicians

My low opinions of these public servants is no secret, but I also am aware that for every corrupt politician that makes the news, there are other committed men and women that we never hear about.  Congress especially gets a bad rap, but there are many Senators and Reps that are fine, honest people.

4. Auto mechanics

Though often considered a low-class job, the mechanical intelligence necessary to fix the variety of vehicles on the road is staggering.  I’m not talking about those guys who like to rip off strangers.  I’m talking about the ones I know who can accurately diagnose the engine by hearing you slam the driver’s door.

5. Restaurant servers

I’ve worked in a restaurant.  These folks deserve better than their average treatment.

The common thread in all these is this: a group of people that gets a bad rep because of a few (ok, in the case of politicians and France maybe more than a few) bad apples.  I just don’t want to be guilty of condemning the many because of the guilt of a few.

Who would YOU add to the list?


6 thoughts on “Un(der)appreciated Groups

  1. Dare I add doctors and lawyers?

    Nurses seemed to be appreciated but doctors not so much because they are viewed as overpaid and sometime uncaring. I have seen a lot of wonderful docs.

    Lawyers are the but of jokes these days but we often forget that many of these folks are advocates for the innocent and help many receive justice.

    Off the subject.. cool new 4 column template.. you are quite daring Cameron 🙂

  2. I don’t know KB, I welcome a diversity of opinions, but that one may cross the line! 🙂

    Seriously, I think doctors and lawyers fit the list well.

    Thanks for the word on the new look. I’m still adjusting to it. Not sure I am thrilled with the font (primarily size, secondarily color), but it’s growing on me.

  3. Should we take a comedian seriously? Wouldn’t that mean they aren’t very good at what they do?

    I like the list and the additions. Maybe add the unseen workers such as custodial workers, and others that you don’t notice until they don’t do their job.

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