Dear Government, please save us from ourselves

Day Cares Feel the Economic Crunch

Oh my word. How on earth have we ever survived as a nation without government assisted, universal pre-K? The kids will face “life-long” learning disadvantages because they didn’t get to go to Day Care? Give me a break.

I’ll just say that this bothers me on several levels, and leave it at that.
[rant cut short for the comfort of the reader and the well-being of the writer]


2 thoughts on “Dear Government, please save us from ourselves

  1. If kids are not going to day care, what will become of them? Are parents actually going to take care of their own kids? Say it isn’t so! After all, studies have shown that by the third grade, if not before, there is absolutely no difference between the kids that have attended pre-K and those that have not, either socially or academically. Therefore, if there is no lasting benefit, everyone should be able to participate, and at taxpayer expense. Isn’t that obvious?

    I will stop my rant now. (Full disclosure disclaimer–My family homeschools and I believe it is a good thing when parents are the primary caregivers for their own children–crazy as that sounds.)

  2. Dave, I can understand that some families have no other choice but to use pre-K and day care. That said, I have several issues with the mindset of the video clip:

    1) That children will somehow be at a disadvantage if they don’t have pre-K.
    2) That the government must get involved.
    3) The idea from some of the commentors that only those with college degrees are qualified to teach pre-K children.
    4) The continued attempt by various groups to connect their financial needs to social issues. (or vice-versa).

    I don’t believe that waiting till a child is five is going to set them back, nor am I convinced that starting a child early will be a great advantage. Give the kids time to be kids. Let them have some play that is JUST play!

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