Politics, Activism, and Tshirts

Following his MO of using “provocative titles to draw people to his website”, Shane of Caffeinated Thoughts has posted about Bumper Stickers. He has some excellent thoughts on this element of pop-Christian expression, and there are some good responses in the comment section as well (You can exclude #4 from that description).


In a way this topic has an unexpected connection to my previous post.  Tshirts, yard signs, bumper-stickers, activism, or politics – they’re all ways of attempting to demonstrate our faith in our environment.  While there’s nothing wrong with a desire to communicate a Christian worldview, any expression of my Christianity (be it social activism, political involvement, or wearing a t-shirt) should

1) Never be in such a manner that it would detract from the glory of God.
2) Be accompanied by a Godly life-witness, and if possible a verbal one as well.
3) Never be a substitute for genuine Christian character.
4) Not overwhelm our passion for the Gospel.
5) Most importantly, it should never be to draw attention to me, but to the Truth.

As I was contemplating this subject this morning, I opened Desiring God’s unique winter catalog from yesterday’s mail. Under the picture and price for a Bible-study themed T-shirt I read this (parenthesis and emphasis are mine):

“When a Tshirt (politics, activism, etc.) and the truth of Christ are combined, even a Tshirt (politics, activism, etc.) can be redeemed. That is, it’s no longer a Tshirt made for fashion or promoting a brand name or dressing comfortably. Rather, it can be a catalyst for a conversation with a stranger or it can connect you with others on mission to not waste their lives. But a Tshirt (politics, activism, etc.) can’t share the full gospel. That’s up to you.

Good words for all attempts to influence our culture for Christ.


7 thoughts on “Politics, Activism, and Tshirts

  1. Thank you for this post. Completely agree with the list. Christianity should never be just an accessory. That goes for shirts, jewelry, bumper stickers, car magnets, or John 3:16 posters at sporting events. Christian T-shirts have always been a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

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